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Conscientiously Made



This Medium Firm mattress features a durable high density 6” foam core with 2” of pressure-relieving Serene® foam. Better than memory foam, products from the Serene® Collection are made with Serene® foam – the most advanced foam on the market. Serene® foam is enhanced with Supportive Air Technology™, increasing the level of support without compromising comfort. The simplicity of this mattress is its strong suit: no convoluted foams to break down into support loss. Its high density core is a better grade than you’ll find in many of the top online brands. 

Firm Mattress Hemp Leaf


Open Leaf.gif

Gentle Soft

Our “soft” mattress has a cradling support- A more gentle comfort with enhanced pressure relief.

Great for side sleepers.

Medium Leaf.gif


A pressure relieving surface that allows a compromise between cushion firm

and gentle soft.

Solid Leaf.gif

Cushion Firm

A supportive feel with a forgiving surface.

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