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Mayner Hempapedic 14” Apollo Hybrid

Our Flagship Apollo Hybrid is Topped with AURORA CLOUDFoam, then Serene Foam Soft Crowning the top of 825 pocketed coils, wrapped in our Proprietary Antibacterial HEMP Fabric make this our CloudSoft Hybrid Mattress with CLOUD Pressure Relief and Support


Apollo14 Hybrid

  • ✔Relieving Joint Pressure 

    ✔Temperature regulating so you can keep cool during the summer and warm on those cold nights.

    ✔Increased Blood Circulation helping the body heal muscle tissue and joints. No more stiff mornings and cracking joints.

    ✔Less tossing and turning, providing longer REM sleep. Meaning you wake up feeling refreshed from deeper sleep.

    ✔Antibacterial Fabric that prevents dust mites so less frequent cleaning needed

    ✔Moisture Wicking Fabric technology pulls moisture away from the body to relieve night sweats.

    ✔Eco-Friendly Material reducing carbon footprint and sustainability.

    ✔Soft yet durable Materials

    ✔No Pesticides Required

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