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This Cushion Firm mattress features a durable high density 8” foam core with a slightly firmer 2” Serene® foam ( NOT HOT MEMORY FOAM ) comfort top layer for a consistent feel of support throughout. Better than memory foam, products from the Serene® Collection are made with Serene® foam – the most advanced foam on the market. Serene® foam is enhanced with Supportive Air Technology™, increasing the level of support without compromising comfort.”


  • ✔Relieving Joint Pressure 

    ✔Tempurature regulating so you can keep cool during the summer and warm on those cold nights.

    ✔Increased Blood Circulation helping the body heal muscle tissue and joints. No more stiff mornings and cracking joints.

    ✔Less tossing and turning providing longer REM sleep. Meaning you wake up feeling refreshed from deepr sleep.

    ✔Antibacterial Fabric that prevents dust mites so less frequent cleaning needed

    ✔Moisture Wicking Fabric technology pulls moistuire away from the body to releive night sweats.

    ✔Eco-Friendly Material reducing carbon footprint and sustainability.

    ✔Soft yet durable Materials

    ✔No Pesticides Required

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