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Mayner Hempapedic stands out as a mattress manufacturer, employing a distinctive approach that sets us apart from global competitors. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the exclusive use of "Carpenter Foam" for each mattress we create. Utilizing premium polyurethane foam cores, we enhance our mattresses with superior stability and extended life expectancy.

At the forefront of technology, Mayner Hempapedic incorporates "Carpenter's" patented SERENE® and AURORA® open cell comfort foams as top layers, ensuring unparalleled comfort. To complete our mattresses, we envelop them in the finest quality, environmentally friendly hemp ticking – a custom creation exclusively for Mayner Hempapedic. Our hemp ticking stands as the highest-quality fabric in any roll-packed mattress available in the market today.

Recognizing the variations in foam production worldwide, we take pride in producing all our foams in the United States. This decision ensures that our mattresses meet the highest standards of technology while avoiding the potential off-gassing associated with chemicals used in foam production in some regions. Unlike many domestic mattress companies, we prioritize quality and environmental consciousness by using cutting-edge technology in the production of all our foams.

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